Overflow Internet Hosting is a Logan City in what used to be the former Beaudesert Shire, based business that provides a wide range of hosting solutions, with a great many features, well beyond the basic web account, and well surpassing the competition.

Overflow Internet Hosting leads its competitors in offering customers, for instance, multiple-domain accounts. Multiple-domain accounts allow a customer to host multiple websites from one account, great for resellers, web designers, web developers and their clients.

With our experience and unwavering focus on web hosting., Overflow Internet Hosting has experienced just about every challenge there is to running an efficient and effective web hosting business.

Overflow Internet Hosting, is a business that specialises in the technical provisioning of IP (internet protocol) and data communications since 1987 in the former Beaudesert Shire, and rather than taking risks and relying solely on others, we continue to invest in our own infrastructure for longer term benefits.

If you are a local business, you know what it means to keep business local, and with our servers being here in Australia, you are maximising your websites speed and availability to your own customers