Network Information
To ensure maximum uptime, we have made a fully redundant network.
This includes the following:

Redundant Network Connections

We are connected via three primary different carriers and should one fail,
the system is switched over automatically on our routers to ensure your server is still up. Our connections include AAPT, Connect (Dual Australian circuit), and
Pipe networks.

Redundant Cisco Routers

In the event a router goes down, all data is re-routed to our backup router. lso if there are any upgrades to be performed to the primary router, the econdary router takes over to ensure no downtime is experienced.

BPG4 Routing

This method of routing automatically switches your packets of information
in the event the path is blocked between us and it's destination.

The Data Centre

The Data Center is located in the Equinex Data Centre in Sydney.
Is a true Tier 1 Data Center with the following features:

Dual UPS

In the event that a power outage occurs in the city, the UPS (Un-interruptible
Power Supply) takes over whilst the generator starts up. Once the generator
has started it takes over and powers the data center. In the event that the first
UPS is faulty it automatically switches over to a second UPS.

Backup Generator

Located within the building is a backup diesel generator. In the event of a
prolonged power outage the generator can power the data center for three
days before refueling. The system is tested and maintained monthly.

Redundant Air Conditioning Humidity/Climate Control

Redundant air conditioning ensures your servers stay cool and if two isn't enough,
there is also an emergency backup air conditioner. Humidity control keeps the
environment static free.

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Agent)

This is a special gas that is released into the room in the event of a fire. This gas
puts out the fire before spreading and is harmless to humans and electronic equipment.

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