How long before my domain name is registered?

If paid by credit card, allow 25 minutes approximately for the registration process to be complete.


How long does a transfer of domain take?


Do I need a domain name for my website?

Yes, a domain name is required for your web site to function.  Web hosting and domain names are two separate products which work together to give you a web site and/or email services.  When you register a domain name from Overflow Internet Hosting, you can package this domain with hosting at the time of sign up, or use your domain name with any hosting provider.


Can I host more than on domain on my hosting account? Are there any fees?

On the full featured hosting packages you can host multiple domain names at no additional cost.  The reseller packages allow you to host unlimited domain names as standard.  You can host one domain name on the budget and email hosting packages.


Can I use my existing domain name with a web hosting package?

Yes, you can use your existing domain name with any of our web hosting packages.  When ordering online, please select "I will use my existing domain name" on the online order form and enter your existing domain name.

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